Thursday, December 31, 2015

Retrospect 2015 - Satisfied?

Always question yourself. Did you say you were going to do something? Have you done it?

Results, not plans, make the difference. So how did you do this year?

Last year there were two; this is 2015:
  • 4 hour marathon finish - 98%
  • Maintain card making skills - 90%
  • Piano playing - 70% (scroll down)
  • Comfortable in Chinese - 5%
  • Playable demo of game - 0% (okay, around 200 hours of the 320 hours had to be thrown away, but I learnt a lot)
All percentages are my own evaluation of the level I aimed for this year.

It's somewhat alright. I would prefer to have made that 4 hour mark, but not reaching it is a good way to keep away from boasting.

Card making wasn't a difficult goal - mostly just keep practising so that you don't lose it. I liked the way some of the ambigrams turned out:
What I enjoyed most was piano playing. Not so much the practising - that part's always tedious - but you have to do the part you don't like to get to the part you like.

Chinese is still a work in progress. I actually would enjoy Japanese more - I watched quite a bit of anime this year - but Chinese would be more useful at work.

In terms of developing my game, the tool I was relying on for dependency management had to be discontinued, and so the time spent learning and converting all the code to use it isn't very useful anymore. However, I learnt a lot, so it's not completely wasted.

Done with this year? Yes.

Satisfied? No.

Ready for next year? Yes.

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