Friday, June 14, 2013

On Goals

Every one needs the basic necessities to live. A common and generic path is to find a job and live. But is the career that you take strictly in line with what you choose as your goals? Paraphrasing, disregarding all the routine life tasks, what do you wish to accomplish as your own? What are you doing with the time that you can call your own? Do these two align?

Here is a picture of what a week may look like for me:

look out for a future post on time

It is obvious the majority of my time is dedicated to work, but of the time I have outside of work and necessary happenings, my HeroQuest project and exercising both show up as regular activities. These are the actions I take to achieve two of my goals:
  • create a game that is recognized globally
  • keep fit

Understand that I did not take up software engineering to realize someone else's dream. I chose it to build my own. It is true that I have the option of working on the heroquest project full time. However, it is not a time-critical goal, and by working in an established software house, I have gained far more skills than I would have otherwise.

My point is that outside of my job, I have established goals, and am actively pursuing them. If all I do outside of work is relax, then my life would purely be defined by work. It is not negative, but working for someone else does not turn my own aspirations into reality.

If you do not already have a goal, or are not taking any actions to actually bring it to life, then please do so. The effort is worth it.