Sunday, November 4, 2018

A Social, Social Network

Software defined human relationships are weak. They are persistent, but because of that, we become complacent and don’t work on the actual interpersonal relationship – the persistance of the software link removes the fear of losing contact.
Simultaneously, people almost always post on social media for themselves – reactions, upvotes, humble bragging, “I agree”, “I can relate”, or “I want you to hear my opinion / care about what I say”. While not amoral, we should encourage sharing when it counts – true charitable causes with tangible results such as Humans of New York.
Because of this, I propose a social network that encourages relationships and discourages narcissism through the following1:
  1. You may have up to 30 connections.
  2. Any connection is automatically archived after 3 months since the last meaningful communication with each connection.
  3. Meaningful communication is defined as:
    • An instant messaging conversation with at least 7 messages within a day.
    • A wifi match / bluetooth pairing / NFC bump of your phones with your connections.
  4. You will be prompted to communicate at 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, and the week before your connection is archived.
  5. You can revive connections from your connection archive.
  1. There will not be any scrolling feed.
  2. There will be a board that allows a maximum of 20 minutes viewing per day.
  1. No reactions. Comment or don’t.
  2. Should they allow it, you may send a message to the other person. For example if you want to help their cause.
  1. None.
Perhaps then we’ll actually connect.

1 numbers can be tweaked