Saturday, July 29, 2017

Tea Brewing Level: Software Engineer

Poorly designed electric jug. Cannot make tea.

Electric jug base wire is too short to be practically useful.

Short-term fix, aka the band-aid:
Use the closest object available that raises the electric jug base to the level of the socket.

Issue with fix:
This is the tea box. It is annoying to have to remove the electric jug and base each time you want to get another packet of tea. Annoying = Bad.

Long-term fix:
Need to get the electric jug base to be flat on the table. Objects available:
  • 1x AUS/NZ to UK adaptor
  • 1x Universal to universal adaptor
  • 1x AUS/NZ multiplug (longer cable)

Design and determine interaction between components:
  1. UK Socket
  2. AUS/NZ to UK adaptor
  3. AUS/NZ multiplug
  4. Universal to universal adaptor, configured as UK to AUS/NZ adaptor
  5. Electric jug base plug (UK)

Enjoy tea.

Enjoy more tea.


Flip over electric jug base.

Extend cable.

Throw away implementation.


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