Sunday, July 13, 2014

On Running

I began my ascent into running in March 2011, in my final year of university. I signed up to the university gym with a friend (Chris) at the beginning of the semester, determined to get fit. On my first go at the treadmills, I remember setting the speed to 7.0, not understanding what it meant. For 20 minutes I kept at that pace, then exited the gym and thought, "that was a good run".

Three years on, I am a consistent runner. Not a superhuman, but I can run at a decent speed of 12.0 km/h for an hour. The speed at the treadmill, I realize that it meant 7.0 km/h. My walking speed now is around 5.5 km/h. I reflect upon those first steps, and I laugh at the notion that I walk nearly as fast as I used to run. If life is a game, I would comfortably say I've leveled up.

Apart from keeping fit, my resolve to run is fueled by multiple factors. I enjoy the adrenalin rush I experience while running, and the sense of security and confidence that if running is a required action for survival, I am prepared. In addition, I take pride in being able to say I have run a thousand miles, like the song.

This year I'm joining the Auckland marathon to extend my limits, and while I'm at it, I'm fundraising for the Heart Foundation. If you like, you can make a donation in support.

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